Santa's Tree Helper

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  • Quick setup gets the water flowing and level set so that there is no need to continually check if there is water in the tree stand. Easily keep your tree watered all season long with no need to move your tree skirt or gifts
  • Helps prevent your tree stand from going dry. Device doubles the effective water holding capacity of your tree stand
  • Easily check and add water to your tree stand, simply pop open the lid and fill as instructed and water flows into your stand until the desired level is met
  • Holds 2.5 gallons or more in water reserve for most tree stands, additional boxes can be added to extend time between refills
  • Gift Box is designed to blend in among all the presents around your tree. Compact and reusable makes for easy storage to keep your Christmas tree green year after year.
  • It’s easy to keep your Christmas Tree fresher longer with Santa’s Tree Helper.
  • No more bending, crouching and crawling to keep your tree green.
  • A tree stand gone dry, for even one day, can quickly diminish the beauty and safety of your tree. Santa’s Tree Helper is simple to set up, sits near your tree base blending in among other gift boxes, making it easily accessible to fill, but not noticeable.
  • This unique watering system works by providing on-going siphoning from the Gift Box to your tree stand.
  • This device is easy to set up - secure the tube to your tree stand using the attached twist tie, fill the box with water and raise the bucket to start the flow of water.
  • Your Santa’s Tree Helper can then be placed under your tree but within easy reach to refill as necessary.
  • Adds a festive look to your existing ornaments and other Christmas holiday decorations
  • Full instructions are included, along with a link for video instructions.

Note: Deeper and taller tree stands may require Santa's Tree Helper to be raised up onto a surface a few inches off the floor, to ensure continuous watering


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  • 5
    Christmas tree water

    Posted by Linda S. on Feb 5th 2024

    A little tricky to see if water was going into the tree. Was used for a week we were away. Success!

  • 5
    Best Christmas purchase this year!

    Posted by M Furrow on Jan 24th 2024

    I would recommend this to anyone who still has a live tree. Our trees never last past Christmas… I purchased this on a whim as a last ditch effort to not get a fake tree and it has changed our Christmas loving lives. The tree could have stayed up for another week or two with zero issues, we took it down the week after new years and it maybe dropped 10 needles and still smelled fresh. Highly highly highly recommend!

  • 5
    What a fabulous Christmas tree watering system!!!

    Posted by Teri L. on Jan 22nd 2024

    This is a gem of a product for live Christmas trees! What a wonderful invention. It looks just like a present and only requires a water fill up every few days. I never had to worry about crawling down on the ground to water my tree and my tree is STILL fresh, though I'm finally taking it out today. I highly recommend this product and I rarely, if ever write reviews!!!

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by AJ Kenney on Jan 9th 2024

    This thing is honestly awesome. I travel frequently and often end up with a dead tree like a week after I get it. This thing kept my tree going from Nov 25 to Jan 8th! I’d fill it up once or twice a week and then nothing to worry about. Easy peasy. Great buy!

  • 5
    Was on the fence

    Posted by J Siren on Jan 7th 2024

    But after a season of use it works great! Loving how this helps watering the tree easier

  • 5
    This thing works!

    Posted by Walt Donovan on Jan 5th 2024

    I just finished my first Christmas with this tree watering system and found it a lifesaver. I was leaving for a week out of town and needed a way to keep the tree watered. This system, based on a siphon is brilliant. Just looks like a package under the tree, and works as advertised!

  • 5
    Worked well for me

    Posted by Allison B. on Jan 4th 2024

    Wish I had gotten one of these years ago. Not only can you take a weekend trip without the tree going dry, but it makes keeping it watered a breeze as no more getting on my knees to add water. I am no handyman around the house, but I got it working on the first try.

  • 5
    Saved my tree

    Posted by RJ White on Dec 29th 2023

    We get extremely hot sun through the window our tree is in front of which makes our trees only last a few weeks each year. This watering box kept our tree alive for over a month in the hot sun. It also saved our backs from not having to crawl under the tree to water it. I've recommended it to multiple friends and family.

  • 5
    Love It!

    Posted by Dana M. on Dec 28th 2023

    Just received this and LOVE it. Simple to assemble, extremely easy to use, durable for years of use and easy to refill as needed. Would strongly recommend - will be so much easier than trying to water in the tree stand under the tree and fits with any Christmas decor.